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skyline of the city of Milan
Mission and values

Our vision: engineering experience.
Engineering for the city means designing infrastructure networks that are balanced with human networks, listening to the needs of the community and utilising smart technologies to place the focus on each city user.

The principles of efficient planning and management are area monitoring, individuals’ needs, and political and institutional opportunities.

We work for continuous improvement in service delivery and in the overall infrastructure of the urban ecosystem. We use our professional skills to meet the specific needs of each metropolitan area. We adopt a local approach, but with a global perspective.


Treno metropolitana Mobility
Peri-urban mass transport: undergrounds, trams
and railways
We develop sustainable mobility and design
efficient tansportation networks


Depuratore Water
Management of water purification
and disposal
We guarantee access to public water
and handle water treatment

Gru Housing
Construction of public residential
We provide support to public agencies in managing and
modernising real estate assets

Decumano expo 2015 Smart Cities
Planning and legacy of large events
We are present at all stages of urban
development with continuous
attention to sustainability


Organisation, management and control model

In accordance with Italian Legislative Decree 231/2001, MM has an Organisation, Management, and Control Model, which was approved by the Board of Directors at the meeting of 14 June 2017.

The document, divided into a General Part and a Special Part, includes a review of the regulations contained in Italian Legislative Decree 231/2001 and constitutes the guidelines for the process of adopting the Model by MM Spa, the relevant offenses for the Company, the personnel to whom the Model refers, the methods for adopting and implementing the subsidiaries’ Models, the Oversight Board of MM Spa, the system of penalties for violations, the reporting obligations of the Model, and personnel training.

Organisation, management and control model - Italian only


Inspection Body 

Chairperson: Mr. Federico Maurizio d’Andrea

Auditors: Mr. Fabrizio Ventimiglia; Mr. Giuseppe Mele


Code of Ethics

MM growth is founded on a solid reputation, faithful to values of honesty and fairness, in every process of daily operations.
This intention has led to a document of fundamental importance in the company’s history, the Code of Ethics.

Code of Ethics - Italian only


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