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Sustainability Report

The Sustainability Report, is the instrument through which MM renews its commitment to transparency towards its stakeholders, year after year, providing evidence of its development policies and strategies, the rules of behaviour adopted, the distribution activities across the area and the innovative technological solutions elaborated to guarantee compliance with hig quality standards in providing its services.

In this sense, the Sustainability Report is not simply a presentation of indicators re-elaborated with respect to the Financial statements, it also describes how MM pursues its corporate objectives by focusing its work on the public.

The attention that MM pays to the reporting process, considered also an opportunity for strategic assessment with a view to making improvements, is demonstrated by the voluntary decision to have the report reviewed.  

Sustainability Report 2021

Sustainability Report 2020

Sustainability Report 2018 - IT only

Sustainability Report 2017 - IT only

Sustainability Report 2016 - IT only

Sustainability Report 2015 - IT only

Sustainability Report 2014 - IT only



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Sustainability Report
Corporate Social Responsibility becomes an added value when it becomes a way of doing things.
Sustainability Report 2016