skyline of the city of Milan
Water Supply System

The Water Supply Department provides drinking water supply, treatment and distribution services in the city of Milan. 

The water distribution network of Milan and neighbouring municipalities has a total length of about 2,228 km. The water supply system supplies the city with water, all abstracted from the aquifer. It uses a double lifting system consisting of 28 pumping stations and 400 active wells that feed the supply and distribution network, for a total of about 220 million cubic metres of drinking water distributed per year.

The stations of the Milan Water Supply System are all controlled remotely by a complex telemetry system coordinated by the operations centre in San Siro, from which the wells and pumping units can be started and controlled, and the distributed flow rate can be regulated according to the customers’ requirements.

How does the Water Supply Service work?

The water cycle begins with the abstraction from the aquifer and the subsequent purification in order to obtain drinking water . To guarantee quality, MM carries out several analyses and controls which are followed by the water distribution among users.