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skyline of the city of Milan
Functions and responsibilities



AEEGSI - Authority for Electricity, Gas and the Water System

Area of responsibility

Tariff e tariff structure
Transparency of bills
Agreements and typical charter of services
Verification of the contents of the Local Area Plan
Substitutive and sanctioning powers







Metropolitan City of Milan Office (Local Area Authority of Milan)


Planning of management and investments (elaboration of the Local Area Plan)
Preparation of the operational programme
Assignment of the management of the Integrated Water Service
Control of the work and annual report of the results for the Ministry of Environment, Land and Sea
Determination of the basic tariff

Issue of the authorizations for the discharge of production wastewater into the sewer











MM Spa

Manager of the Integrated Water Service for the City of Milan Local Area Authority, assigned the service from 2003 to 2007 (first agreement) and from 2008 to 2037 (second agreement)
Management of the Integrated Water Service: astraction, purification, control and distribution of drinking water, collection of wastewater, disposal, treatment and return to environment








Municipality of Milan

Department responsible for the service and owner of networks and systems for providing the Integrated Water Service 




HPA (Health Protection Agency) of the Metropolitan City of Milan


Ascertainment of the suitability of the water for human consumption on the basis of strict controls
Request to the operator to take action if the water supplied fails to comply with the quality specifications laid down in the legislation
Sanctions if no measures are taken in response to unfavourable analyses 






ARPA (Regional Environmental Protection Agency) of Lombardy


Technical support for administrative authorities and investigation for the issue of wastewater discharge permits
At the request of HPA, control of the quality of water during the abstraction phase, in the supply and distribution networks, in the water purification and wastewater treatment systems
Environmental controls and verification of compliance with limits and requirements






Metropolitan City of Milan

Issue of permits for discharging wastewater into surface water and groundwater